About Us

"Fitting Is the Heart of Furniture"
Furniture fittings have often been overlooked as merely hardware to supplement furniture. Such a concept, however, is changing as people realize that the fittings play a very important part. After all, we open and close our cabinets and drawers every day in our daily lives in the kitchen, on our wardrobes, workplace, etc. Therefore, it is also important that we can have the feel of high quality fittings other than the nice visual & design of the furniture.

Our Aim
Luxury Plus (M) Sdn Bhd was specially created in 2021 to cater to the special needs of the kitchen industry in Malaysia currently. We are selling BLUM quality products and our aim is to bring the best in quality fittings for the furniture to consumers who want the satisfaction of high-quality fittings for their furniture.
Our Philosophy
As the internet increases lifestyle awareness, consumers are exposed to high technologies and trends in the ever-changing development of interior design. Furniture fittings, in particular, have undergone tremendous changes over the past decades and along with the changes, vast improvements have been made. We strive to bring the best in such well-developed fittings to consumers. At the same time, we hope to introduce the latest trends in furniture planning to help consumers plan their premises so that they can have furniture that is modern, functional and of superior quality.